A Shout Out To All My Shorties

Hello again!

Let's get straight to the point today. I may not fall into the "short girl" category however I have enough short friends to know what they go though EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they go shopping.

Here are my top 5 short girl problems...and how to fix them!


Sweaters that are, uh, dress length on you.

Crop top sweaters are the way of the future! Most times they will hit you at a flattering place without making you look like you're drowning in excess fabric.


Everything is oversized so you look like you're playing dress-up in your mothers clothes.

Accessories can be your best friend. Belts and structured tops or blazers can do wonders in showing off your shape.


You spend years looking for the man of your dreams; a tailor you trust.

Ok this guy may not be a tailor but really look at him, who cares?

Finding a tailor you trust and feel confident in IS a must though. There's nothing scarier than scissors coming at you snip-snipping at your new $300 jeans...


The best way to find a tailor you'll love is to get recommendations. Word of mouth from friends will set your confidence. If you're still unsure, bring in a piece that you don't care if something horrific happens and see what kind of job they do.


Sure you can shop in the kids section, but the tops don't account for boobs and the pants don't account for hips

Kids prices may make your bank account happy, but they wont help you. Deal with the cards you've been dealt. You WILL have to tailor many, many, MANY pieces. But it's better to have good quality clothing that fits and makes you look and feel stunning than to cram yourself into pieces that kind-of-sort-of-fit.


You've been wearing high-heels since forever.

This may not be an issue to you now, but your calves will thank you in the years to come if you take a break from the sky-highs and kick back in something a little closer to Earth. If you really can't bare to give up the height then the least you should be doing is stretching those leg muscles because they are tight from spending so much time on your tip-toes.


So being awesomely-compact may have some cons, but let's leave on a positive note...

You get to shop in both regular and petite shops.
You can always hem to make things shorter, but you can't make short pants longer. :)
Shop on ladies

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