Who Shall I Be Today?

Discovering and creating personal style can be a difficult thing to do. I know for myself I've been through almost every stage and trend whether they work on my body type or with my personality. Skinny jeans, the empire waist, bell-bottoms, piercings, crimped hair. Yes I rocked crimped hair for years. Yes it's a miracle I'm not bald. But through it all I've come to discover that I just can't rock an umpire waist without looking preggers, and harem pants make my body resemble an ice cream cone, no matter how much I want them to look great on me. But that's ok. All of it has taught me what I like/don't like and how I can really express my unique self though clothes and fashion.
Here are some of my tips to help you learn and create your own personal style.
Draw inspiration from everyone and everywhere: Don't just look at what's hot today. One of my favorite vintage stores has been a solid inspiration in my accessories. I love old vintage carpet purses and I'm not ashamed to rock them with a jean vest because Vogue tells me it's not 'this season'. On any given day you'll most likely see a wild printed scarf around my neck, my favorite grey boots and thick framed glasses. Those are my staples. The loves of my life. But the rest I get creative funky with.
Find A Mentor: Find that person who you look up to and whose a positive influence in your life. For me it's my fiery red-headed, hippy loving friend Amber.
She's in tune with her own quirky un-judgemental and abandoned style and doesn't hesitate to give me the straight and narrow when it comes to my own style. She'll tell me if the color of yellow I've chosen makes me look like a dead corpse or if the jeans I'm trying on are giving me flat-ass. I love that about her. I can trust her to give me an honest opinion so I can hone my personal taste to truly reflect me.
Find someone you admire and can receive constructive criticism from. We cant nail that perfect look every single time. But with four eyes and two opinions your chances are much higher.
Asses Your Current Wardrobe: Take a good look at what you already own. Pick your top 10 favorite pieces and decide in detail what you really LOVE about each piece. Is your favorite top loose and comfortable or fitted and structured to accentuate your curves? Do you only own jeans? Do you own a lipstick colour other than nude? Once you learn what makes your inner fashionista tick you can now start to build and compile a more complex suitable wardrobe. Maybe it's time to add a skirt or a scoop-neck instead of your standard V-neck. Maybe you don't own a single pair of heels or you realize you only wear one pair of earrings. This is your chance to take a chance. Push yourself to try new things. Old favorites had to be new chances at one point.
Most importantly...
Stay true to you and have fun: Try not to take yourself or fashion too seriously. It's there to help you express yourself to your surroundings, not to make you feel intimidated or self conscious. So if you want to rock crimped hair, blue hair, free-flowing dresses, or the biggest hoop earrings you can find, do it. Not everyone's going to like it and that's the beauty of it.
What's the worst that could happen?

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