Fierce and Full-Figured

Boutiques often get a bad rep for only satisfying the young crowds. They stock their shelves full of the cutest crop tops, ass-bearing hip-hugging jeans, and everything sleeveless. You aren’t alone in this battle for comfortable, possibly conservative, yet fashion forward attire. Just because you hit a certain age or size doesn’t mean your inner fashionista has to get bogged down in a slum of “mum pants” and oversized sack tops. In my opinion if you have curves, accentuate them! If you’re concerned with ‘bat-wings’ ¾ or a full sleeves work wonders, or perhaps a couple extra pounds have crept on and you’re not ready for those skinny jeans hanging in your closet but the thought of walking around the mall looking into mirror after mirror in pair after pair of hideous pants has sucked all body confidence out of you. We’ve all been there, I know I have. So I’ll let you in on one of our (unfortunately!) best kept secrets.


Drum roll…..




XCVI is one of our favorite brands for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above. The sizes range from XS to XL and it’s a generous line to begin with, so many of you will be going from an XL to a L or further down the scale. This line is designed in Vancouver and made in L.A and if you look at the prints you can tell a little of the relaxed ambiance of the sunny California has crept in. The line holds a lot of color but in more muted tones and patterns, as well as the styles tend to be looser without losing your beautiful hour-glass shape. Yes I mean even YOU. And if you don’t have an hour-glass shape, you’re either in the wrong clothes or you’re not wearing the right accessories. It also means that you need to come and see myself or Barb immediately.


Just look how fabulous my mum looks!



The funny part is I love this line too! Granted my mum is a funky fashionable lady, but we end up swapping tops and jackets from this line all the time.


Come in and let us help you embrace the best your body can possibly look.

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