Orange is the New Black

Hello orange! How does it feel to be the new black? 

Actually color in general is now the new black. That’s right spring is here and with it comes an amazing new array of color and pattern. This is one of my favorite parts of the changing season. But for all you black and white lovers don’t fret, the shades will still be a key staple in every fashionistas wardrobe. 

But lets talk color. Pastels are the perennial of the flower world as they pop up every spring in new and exciting ways. This spring you can expect shimmer and shine to create a new fresh look. Also, for all you pink lovers (and soon to be pink lovers) hints of pink will sneak into not only your clothing but your accessories as well. If you’re like me and love pink as much as chocolate or the new season of Game of Thrones then amp it up by layering a berry-pink (this seasons yummy shade) cropped cardigan over a standard camisole or give your look a punch by picking out the pinks in a floral dress and layer over that. 


However if the thought of pink only brings disturbing memories of Pepto Bismol to mind, then here’s how to stay with the trends without the nausea. Pick muted or pastel pinks in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or a slightly bigger accessory like a wallet or purse. 


Now, are you ready for this? The looks you never knew you needed but can’t wait to own. Tea skirts, sweatshirts, and the bib necklace. Let’s start with this funny thing called a ‘tea’ skirt. This skirt basically ends somewhere at the knee but above the ankle. Did you just cringe and lose all trust in my fashion abilities? Good. Now I can really wow you with how to wear this hidden gem. Striking a balance between thigh-grazing mini skirts and floor-sweeping maxi dresses, this skirt accommodates both retro charm and contemporary elegance and can also solve a high-low style, (or the ‘mullet’ as I like to call it) quandary in a snap! The mid length might seem intimidating at first but here are my three simple tips on how to kill this look.

~ Pump it up! Adding a pump or any shoe with a heel elongates, giving you the appearance of long lean legs and let’s face it, long lean legs can pull off anything.~Belt it up.

~ Cinch up your waist for that modern-day edge. 

~ Embrace the inner you. The best trick to pulling off this look with aplomb? Infuse your own quirky-cool style with fun prints, luxe accessories, and fresh, natural-looking makeup.


I hope you’re as excited about this next trend as I am. Sweatshirts are no longer relegated to the gym! You can now pick out a comfy-cozy sweatshirt and be work ready before your morning java has finished brewing. With brighter hues and splashier colors/patterns this is an ideal way to add sass while remaining simple and comfortable. Throw one of these tops over leggings, jeans even skirts (tea skirt included). Yes, it’s that simple.


And last but not least, I can’t forget to tell you about the statement bib necklace. This miraculous work of art will spice up absolutely any outfit and better yet will work with almost any neckline. All you have to do is pick your favorite color and hit the town. 


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