Sister's Boutique - First Blog!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!


Welcome to Sisters first blog.

I really just want to welcome you to our new website and online store. We’ve had such a

wonderful time creating it with you in mind!

Sisters opened its doors five years ago, first in Marda loop then/now in the beautifully

expanding Bridgeland land area where we are thriving and digging our roots in.

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen me (Ellie) the ravishing creature eager to get you out of

your fashion comfort zone as well as Barb (just as exquisite if not more so) but one to

really tailor and refine your own individual look. But you may not have however, had the

privilege of meeting the woman behind the scenes, the fashion guru who started it all,

Tamara Fleming. This young woman, sister to five and mother of four, created the

vintage-meets-modern store with idea of there being a little something for everyone and

boy is there ever. In my own family, my grandma, mum, and I all shop and discover

amazing treasures from jewelry to clothes to an antique writing desk and vintage mirror

to hang above it.

It won’t matter what you’re into, pearls, punk, plaid, or paisley you will find an addition of

yourself somewhere in our store.


I can break it down further by letting you know that all of our clothing is brand-spankin

new and comes to us from around the globe, but mostly Vancouver and L.A. The same

goes for our jewelry, which from costume to the newest trends and valuable vintage,

travels from around the globe to set up home in our shop until special someone like you

adopts it.


Now, if you’ve never been in our store you wouldn’t know that practically everything

yours eyes can see has a price tag on in. That means that the vintage mirrors, frames,

and pictures decorating our pretty pink walls are welcome to go home with you as well.

So can the many antique lamps, china and furniture because we want your home to be

as eclectic and to your taste as it is to us.



So once again welcome to Sisters, Ellie (myself), Barb and Tamara can’t wait to see you

in the store or shopping it from the comfort of your home. I hope you are as excited as I

am to take this next step with us and letting us help you discover, create, re-create or

refine the stunning person that is you.


Much Love from all of us here,


Tamara, Barb and Ellie.

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